Norbert N. Vasen
Energy Management
The energy problem in the world has two sides, both are deteriorating rapidly: the scarcity of resources and its environmental impact.
Probably only the first aspect directly interests you: it increases your energy bill and perhaps even the insecurity of your energy supply.
The other aspect, the environmental impact, affects us all and is ideally dealt with by organisations that represent the common interests. For example central and local governments.
These try to create conditions that will induce the individually driven organisations and citizens to move in sustainable directions.
To this end, they need the instruments and much information that enables them to take the right decisions. Moreover, they need organisations and individuals that help them to put their decisions into practice, acting as catalysers in the society.
I try to contribute to this need, in particular in the area of energy, as I mentioned above.
I am now employed by Ecorys BV in Rotterdam.
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My mission: energy solutions in complex situations.
How long still?
When we do something, we should multiply the impact with 6.5 billion to see what happens if all the others will do that, too.